Good foods for your health

Mother Nature provides us with millions of foods. However, most of those foods contain the least nutrients needed by the body making us want to be cautious about what we eat. Many health challenges being experienced today are as a result of not eating healthy and good foods. It is important to maintain healthy eating habits to avoid creating future health problems.

Below is a list of good natural foods that you can never go wrong with:

Water – Water is the finest and a natural resource given to us freely. Pure water, spring bred uncontaminated water without chemicals, sugar added or flavors is a basic need for every human being. Its benefits to the human body cannot be described exhausted. It plays a major role of flushing out toxins from the body, acts as a purifier, helps stabilize the body and flow of blood and keeps the body hydrated. You cannot go wrong with water at least 6-8 glasses per day.

Other useful drinks that are recommended for the body are green tea. Green tea and honey are wonderful sources of healthy living. Green tea has medical benefits like lose of extra calories while honey is a natural remedy for chest problems. Vegetables Besides those, freshly picked vegetables like green leafy broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and spinach are the most powerful diets for the body.

They play a crucial role in increasing blood supply and act as liver purifiers. The greens especially suck up environmental toxins that our bodies are constantly exposed from the blood stream. With their distinct ability to neutralize heavy metals like pesticides and chemicals, greens act as cleansing foods protecting the body from infections.

Beetroot and Carrot – Beetroots and carrots on the other hand are extremely high in plant flavonoids and betacorotene. They are also highly rich in vitamins essential for boosting the immune system and promoting normal growth and development. Natural spices Natural food spices like garlic and turmeric are great sources of flushing out body toxins. Garlic for example has high amounts of allicin and selenium which are active compounds of cleansing and flushing out toxins. Turmeric aids in actively flushing dietary carcinogens.

Seafoods – Seafoods are a nutritious and good cause for proteins, minerals and vitamins. Cod, salmon, scallops, shrimp, tuna and sardines are just but a few of the highly recommended sea foods natural found in the sea. The unique type of fat found in fish omeg-3 fatty acids cannot be compared to any other type of fat especially from the red meat. EPA, DHA and omega -3 fatty acids offer an immunity against infections and prevent in the mitigation of chronic diseases.

Grains and Nuts – The healthy diet cannot be complete without a few grains, nuts and seeds naturally found or grown on land. Barley, brown rice, millet, oats, whole meal and almonds or cashew nuts are a great combination of healthy foods required by the body for energy. Grains are the basis of a healthy diet containing low amounts of fat and a great source of carbohydrates for the diet. Less processed grains are healthier than refined ones as they are high in fiber.

Apple – Finally, a fruit like the apple to complement the diet is a fantastic way to be healthy. Apples are high in pectin and hold chemical constituents that are necessary for cleansing the digestive tract. Healthy eating promotes healthy living.

Some Yoga Tips For Beginners

Yoga literally means being one, first with your inner self and then with the supreme being. It is one of easiest ways to keep yourself fit, and here we would cover some basics of yoga.

Before you enrol in a Yoga class or purchase a DVD, it is very important for you to understand what type of yoga will suit you best. Patanjali and Ashtanga yoga are the oldest and purest forms of Yoga. New versions like Bikram yoga, Power yoga, etc have come up well and have their own group of loyal practitioners. There is no absolute right or wrong here, go for the one that appeals to your sense and sensibilities.

While Yoga is a very simple practice, it also has subtle nuisances which if done wrongly, can harm our bodies. It is best that you first consult a medical practitioner and analyse yourself. Then you should find for yourself a Guru who will help you find balance of mind and body. Being experts, they also know what all to take care of when constructing a module.

If you have any medical conditions, freely discuss them with your instructor so that he/she can customise asanas accordingly. Just to give you an example, while asanas like Mayurasana increases blood pressure, Uttansana reduces it. Every pose has a different effect on our body.

Let us now briefly understand the two main parts – the pose i.e. Asana and the breathing i.e. Pranayama. Yoga helps your inner and outer self to become one, and thus a perfect harmony between the pose you take and the way you breathe is of utmost importance.

Asana – while different writings give a different number of asanas, varying from 66 to 1300, most texts agree with the 84 asanas made by Lord Shiva. Asanas can be classified using different methods:

  1. By Benefit – this is the easiest and most followed classification as most of us start Yoga for specific reasons. So we have yogasana for cardiac problems, hypertension, arthritis, digestion, depression, menopause and more.
  2. By type – this classification is based on what we are doing in that particular asana. We have backbends, inversions, arm balancing asanas and various twists
  3. By body part – while most asanas work on complete body, some are more effective for specific body parts. So we have asanas for knees, back, head, hips, even eyes.

Pranayama – Prana in sanskrit means life force and ayama is to control. Pranayama thus is to control our life force i.e. breath. When we sit in a particular asana, to make it more effective it is very important that we breathe in a certain manner. In any program of Yoga for beginners, breathing is the first thing that is taught to us. Proper breathing by itself is rejuvenating and can be practised sitting anywhere, office, home, even in the cafeteria waiting for your favourite brew.

Once you have decided which form of Yoga to practice, searched, identified and enrolled with a practitioner, some more things are to be taken care of before you start.

1. Get yourself some simple, comfortable and stretchable clothes and a good yoga mat.

2. Always remember to do Yoga on an empty stomach.

3. Do a little bit of warm up to loosen your muscles before you begin.

4. Be patient, results will come at a slow but steady pace.

Last but definitely not the least, always maintain a cheerful outlook and a light smile on your face, you will see that a small smile will bring a big difference to your yoga practice. Keep smiling, keep practising.

Start with these Easy Exercises For Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight without the hustle of having to compromise our diets or breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, this is not possible, unless you want to risk your health and safety. There is no magic or miracles. You have to work towards getting your dream waistline and body. If you want to lose weight in the right and safest way, you have to add exercise to your weight loss regimen. Here are a few easy exercises that you can start with and still lose weight.

Jumping Rope

This is one of the easiest and cheapest exercises you can do as a starter towards your weight loss journey. Since the only thing you need is a jump rope, you can do your jumps anywhere. However, you need to jump continuously for about 15 to 20 minutes, twice a day to achieve the desired results. However, you do not need to jump as fast as the professionals do. Start at your own pace and you will find yourself progressing with time. Also, if you find yourself tiring easily during the initial days, you can start by jumping for at least 5 to 10 minutes continuously then increase the time after a few days.


This is something that you can do around the block. Jog for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day as a starter and then increase this time as days go by. Jogging causes your body to burn calories, as it produces the energy needed for the activity. As an outcome, the body is forced to use up the stored calories when you are carrying out your other activities during the day, hence weight loss.


If you cannot jog, walk. Walking is good for your cardio and it also puts both the hands and legs at work, among other body parts. Ensure that you walk at least twenty minutes daily as a starter and then increase this time as you get used to the exercise.


This is one of the most recommended exercises for people trying to lose weight and those keeping fit because this activity engages the whole body at once. Although you may be forced to sign up in a health club if you do not have a swimming pool at home, this exercise is quite effective. Additionally, it is one of the few exercises that you will enjoy doing. Check whether there are any community centers in your area that offer free membership for the community members before looking for paid membership clubs.


This exercise is effective because it also works several parts of your body at once. They include hands, legs and hips, among others. It is also a cheap and easy exercise that you can do anywhere.

  • Stand tall in a manner that the hip-width is apart. Place your hands on your hips then make a controlled step forward using your right leg.
  • While your spine is still tall, lower your body until your front leg forms a right angle (90 degrees angle). Hold this position for a while and then go back to the start position.
  • Use the left foot to do the activity you did with the right foot.
  • Repeat the process ten times on each foot and do a total of three sets.


Hop on that bicycle and go round your block a few times. You can also use it to run some errands. When cycling, you work your hamstrings, core glutes and quads, for starters. Ensure that you cycle at least 30 minutes in a day. If you do not have your own bicycle, you can use the stationary bike in your local gym.

There are many more exercises at your disposal that are best for weight loss. The above mentioned are not only a starter, but they are also easy to do and they will almost cost you nothing other than what you do not want – calories. As you progress to the more complex ones, your body will have gotten used to exercising. For you to achieve the best results, ensure that you alternate the exercises to prevent the body from becoming resistant to some exercises.