Cardio Training for Results

Cardiovascular, sometimes called “aerobic” training or “Cardio Training” provides many benefits for you heart and circulatory system and is one of the three critical areas that should be addressed in a well-rounded program.  Cardio training not only improves the ability of the heart and lungs to work more efficiently, but it also burns extra calories.

Exotic Erotic

Exotic Moves- Erotic Moves Find the sensual side of fitness with this integrated workout that combines erotic dance styles, modern dance, pole dance and the art of striptease into one complete empowering sexy workshop. These exotic moves will build your core strength, increase your flexibility, improve your stamina and deliver a mind opening experience for


Small Group Training Fitness Camp Schedule! Fitness Camp (aka – Fitness Boot Camp) programs come in different shapes and sizes. fitness boot camp You can even have a fitness camp custom designed for the type of program you like for just you and your friends. Yoga – Fitness – Dance – Sport – ??? A

Free Flexibility Advice for YOU

Flexibility is one of the most neglected areas in an exercise program and is the last of the three essentials to proper fitness training. The general goal of stretching is to increase or maintain the range of motion around a particular joint.  Maintaining or increasing this range of motion can have many benefits to your

Strength Training By The Numbers

Muscle conditioning, often referred to as resistance training or strength training, is the Strength Does a Body Good second of the three keys to building your optimal physique.  By resistance training you are building muscle tissue (part of lean weight), and improving body composition. We help with efficient strength training programs. More lean weight, less

Creating Your Best In-Home Workout

Ever wondered where to begin when putting together an “in home” strength workout? Look no further for here is your opportunity to learn a few training essentials the pros use to develop a complete, strength focused workout program design for in home use.  By incorporating the following variables into any strength program, you will be

25 Reasons You Should Be Exercising

I read an article several months back that just summed it all up for me.  It listed the 25 most significant health benefits of exercise.  I just loved it and wanted to make a poster out of it for my clients to pin on their walls as a daily reminder….  Well, I didn’t get the


Welcome to the third week of January and one of the most important weeks of your New Year’s fitness resolutions. As a fitness professional, this is the week I see the most change in my client’s attitudes and dedication to their fitness goals and ambitions. It’s also the beginning of what I call the “drop

New Stuff is Good Stuff and Sometimes Sore Stuff

In the fitness industry, in particular, the personal training realm, we strive to help all our clients and participants reach their goals with unique training concepts that fit their fitness levels, goals, and ambitions. We use terms like overload, progression, exertion, momentary muscle failure, atrophy, hypertrophy and recovery to make our points and assure our

Wellness Through Fitness

Remove the Diss-Ease from your life and attain wellness through fitness knowledge and action.  Let us assist you down that path through a personal program or with a small group of your friends. We look forward to seeing you.